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Dog Dining Set 1 Piece Gray

$125.00 USD

Dining Set 1 Piece Gray

Contents: Tabletop:Gray linoleum / Edge:Matt lacquered plywood / Frame:Matt lacquered beech / Bowl:Ceramic

    • DINING SET consists of a linoleum top plate, a table made of solid wood, and a heavy ceramic ware.
      It is a pet dining table set that gives your pet a more convenient meal time and blends into your space with a warm color and minimalist design.
      Linoleum, which is often used as a table top for Nordic furniture brands, is an eco-friendly material that goes well with solid wood.
      In addition, linoleum is resistant to scratches and food contamination.
      The round table shape has a 9mm deep groove, so you can place dishes more securely.
      The solid wood used as the table leg is comprised of beech hardwood, which was sturdily manufactured by domestic woodworkers and finished with natural oil.
      Tableware is a heavy ceramic with a color that matches the top.