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Small Stuff

Dig Dog Step Mustard

$330.00 USD


Contents: Textile Upholstery, Powder-coated steel

  • DIG STEP is a staircase that allows your dog easy access to climb up to the bed or sofa.
    It can prevent the fatal jumping habit of patella dislocation, which occurs in 60% of small dogs, and relieves the strain on the joints of older dogs.
    The leg frame of DIG STEP is made of 8mm thick steel, and the internal structure of the staircase is made of a wooden stand, making it strong even in the invisible part.
    The aquaclean fabric from Spain is extremely durable and protects your pets from tearing and lint from claws.
    In addition, its excellent resistance makes it easy to manage fecal contamination of companion animals. DIG STEP has a clean design that does not interfere with the interior, instead it adds a new element of design.